Rangatira is pleased to announce its successful investment in New Zealand Scaffolding Group, investing alongside all the existing founders and co-investors.

New Zealand Scaffolding Group (NZSG) is a leading provider of height access and temporary structures in New Zealand. The company comprises six individual operating entities, with 12 branches across New Zealand and over 400 employees. Established in 2012, the company has become one of the fastest growing companies across multiple sectors, with a significant presence in the development and maintenance of civil infrastructure, social infrastructure, industrial and commercial property, aged care and residential property segments. Rangatira is pleased to be joining the existing founders and co-investors as NZSG embarks on the next phase of its development. Rangatira will be supporting the existing team as it continues to deliver within its strong culture, focused on a safe work environment and quality customer service, as well as financial performance.

Rangatira holds an approximately 28% economic interest in NZSG and Matt Olde is Rangatira’s representative on the NZSG Board.

Rangatira announces its successful investment in New Zealand Scaffolding Group

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