Rangatira Investments appoints Mark Dossor as its Chief Executive


Wellington investment company Rangatira Investments are pleased to announce that the board has appointed Mark Dossor as its Chief Executive; Mark takes up the appointment in July.

Mark Dossor has been the Chief Financial Officer of the Accident Compensation Corporation since 2012. Not only did Mark have responsibility for leading ACC’s finance function but he also led procurement, property and investment management covering an investment fund of $36b.

Mark began his career in KPMG and has also worked at MAS Technology and Endeavour Capital before spending 3+ years at NZ Post as CFO of their Postal Services Business.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University of Wellington and completed the Advanced Development Program at the London Business School.

Chair David Pilkington said, “Mark’s appointment follows a comprehensive search for someone with the full range of skills necessary to take Rangatira into the future. His experience in portfolio fund management and in performing due diligence on potential investments as well as acting as a director and mentor to portfolio companies, is well suited to drive Rangatira forward and to continuing its long successful legacy in delivering sustainable earnings growth to its shareholders.”

David Pilkington said, “The directors look forward to welcoming Mark aboard, and to working with him and to the contribution he will make to the company’s next chapter as we continue a sustainable growth strategy for our shareholders including the many charities that make up our share register.”

“Rangatira has a strong balance sheet and, with some $50 million of funds available for investment, is well positioned to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.”

Mark Dossor said “I am excited to join Rangatira. Rangatira is a company with a reputation as a trusted investor and partner to many successful New Zealand companies. Through this it has delivered strong returns to shareholders for over 80 years. With the Board and staff of Rangatira Investments I am looking forward to continuing this great heritage started by JR McKenzie in 1937.”


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For further information, please contact:

David Pilkington   |   Chair   |   Rangatira Investments   |   021 609 635    


About Rangatira Limited

Rangatira is a Wellington-based investment company with shareholders’ funds of over $380m million. Established in 1937, the Company is 43.6 per cent owned by the JR McKenzie Trust with other community and charitable organisations owning another 15 per cent of the shares. The balance of the shares is owned by private investors. Rangatira’s mission is to increase both the capital value of its shares and the dividends paid to its shareholders by investing creatively and competitively.

Rangatira has built a portfolio of local and international investments across a wide range of sectors. The Company has pursued a policy of investment in small to medium-sized unlisted New Zealand companies, complemented by holdings in a range of publicly listed New Zealand and international companies. All investments have been made taking a long-term position in companies that are well founded and well managed with good growth potential.

Rangatira is strictly commercial in its investment approach and benchmarks its performance against the wider investment community.

Rangatira will continue to explore investment opportunities across a range of business sectors. We aim to add value to our unlisted investments by actively contributing at management and board level, recognising the need to combine high standards of governance with sound management and a clear focus on growth and profitability.

Rangatira’s shares are listed and traded on the Unlisted market (usx.co.nz).


Rangatira Investments appoints Mark Dossor as its Chief Executive

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