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Rangatira Shareholder Day

16 May 2019

Rangatira Shareholder Day, 16 May 2019

Rangatira has released the Report from the Shareholder Day 16 May 2019.

Company Update

  • Completed Heller’s investment in Moira Mac and successfully sold our position in Heller’s in Q4 2019, maintaining the stake in the Christchurch property
  • Reset and increased our Listed Equity portfolio, this included appointing an External Manager to manage some of our International Equity portfolio
  • Increased our stake in Magritek
  • Expect to complete one more small investment in June
  • As at September our net asset value was $14.72 per share, after full year dividend of 60 cents for 2018 (4.0% of NAV)
  • Added new staff-Chris Westbury, Kurt Purdon and Ali Brown –total of 4.5 FTE


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