Our History

79 Years of Growing Great NZ Businesses

Rangatira Investments was founded on 14 December 1937 by Sir John Robert (JR) McKenzie. Its initial holding was a majority interest in the McKenzie department store chain, which he founded in 1909.

JR set up Rangatira in a way to enable its shares to be gifted to a series of charitable trusts, who now form the majority of shareholders. He divided the management and creation of capital to Rangatira, and the allocation of the funds to the trustees – a model that still carries on today.

His son Sir Roy McKenzie carried on the legacy, building much of Rangatira to what it is today. He gifted further shares in Rangatira to various charitable organisations, and expanded its range of investments.

Throughout its history Rangatira has been a key investor during the formative stages of many iconic New Zealand companies, including:

  • Watties Industries
  • Montana Wines
  • James Cook Hotel
  • Dominion Breweries
  • Feltex Carpets
  • Golden Bay Cement
  • Mount Cook Group
  • ANZCO Foods
  • Nelson Fisheries Limited
Rangatira's first investment.
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